Economic Announcements March 31, 2017

Forex Signal March 31, 2017
March 30, 2017
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March 31, 2017
Here’s what we at The Trader Guy are watching for March 31: 9:30 AM GMT UK Final GDP quarter over quarter At 9:30 AM GMT, the United Kingdom releases quarter over quarter GDP figures, expected to be 0.7%. A number higher than that could be good for the British pound as it has seen a little bit of bullish pressure recently. However, the Article 50 being triggered will continue to keep things volatile in this currency. 1:30 PM GMT Canadian GDP of over month At 1:30 PM GMT, the Canadians release GDP month over month. Anticipated to be 0.3%, a number higher than that could turbocharge the Canadian dollar as it has received a boost from crude oil prices. On the other hand, if the number comes in lower-than-expected, that could drive the USD/CAD a bit higher. 2:45 PM GMT Chicago PMI important region At 2:45 PM GMT, the Chicago PMI numbers come out, expected to be 57.2 at the time of announcement. A number higher than that could be good for US indices, as they already have quite a bit of a bullish feel to them now. Thanks for watching and see you again Monday.

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