Gold Forecast: Higher, much higher.

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Gold markets fell initially during the day on Wednesday, but as you can see on the chart we have a yellow rectangle marking where previous resistance had been found. Adrian and I both believe that the $1275 level was a barrier that the market respected for some time, and now that we have broken above there and then turn right back around to test it for support, we feel that the buyers are about to become a little bit more aggressive. By doing so, they will finally break above the $1300 level that has been a psychological barrier for some time now.

Gold forecast: going higher from many reasons

Gold is going to go higher for many different reasons in our opinion. Quite frankly, gold was far oversold recently, as the US dollar strengthen due to fear. And then after that, there was the idea that the Federal Reserve is going to start raising interest rates systematically over the course of 2016. However, things are starting to look a little bit softer at this point in time, and as a result we may not get as many interest-rate hikes as once anticipated. This is obviously bad for the US dollar which has a bit of an inverse correlation to the gold market, at least over the longer term. It doesn’t mean that they have to move in opposite directions, just that a falling US dollar certainly can help the value of gold itself.

Going forward, the momentum certainly looks as if it is starting to pick back up as the moving averages are all starting to turn higher again. On this chart, we have the 25 day exponential moving average, the 50 day exponential moving average, and the 100 day exponential moving average plodded. They all look very healthy, and they are starting to spread back out again. With that being said, it appears the trend traders and more importantly – long-term traders – are looking to buy gold at this point in time. We believe that we’ve started yet another multi-year run higher, mainly because of uncertainty out of various central banks around the world. Loose monetary policy is going to be the norm for much longer than anticipated.

Gold forecast: daily chart

Gold forecast: daily chart

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