‘The Trader Guy’ is Chris Lewis, from Columbus, Ohio. He has been trading for 9 years, and has been working full time in the Forex markets for the last 5 of those years. He works as an analyst for several sites around the world, including FXEmpire, Daily Forex, Investing.com, Binary Options Strategy, and several others. He also has a long-running forum at Forex Factory called “Silent Service Method” in the Commercial Section. He offers advice for traders, as well as technical analysis. The methodology he employs is straightforward, and very simple. “The biggest stumbling block for most new traders is often making things too complicated” is something that he has said time and time again. In his mind, trading is simple, either you are right or wrong. It doesn’t need to be anymore difficult than that.

He trades Forex, commodities, and even the occasional stock. He will typically trade swing trades, as his methods don’t require you to sit at the computer all day. (He used to do that, and found it far too stressful, and quite frankly not worth it.) He believes that trading should add to the value of your life, not take it over. Far too many people forget that trading isn’t life. If you follow his example, it can take years of confusion and frustration out of the equation for you. There are very few situations that he hasn’t been in before, including a generational disaster known now as the ‘housing crisis.’ If you can cut your teeth in that market, it tends to make you ready for ‘normal markets.’ He believes in patience, perseverance, and most of all – keeping things in perspective.

“The biggest stumbling block for most new traders is often making things too complicated”

Christopher Lewis

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