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We frequently offer technical analysis that can be seen on various other websites. Below we offer free analysis for Forex traders, Futures traders, and various other markets. We believe that by stepping back and looking at the overall picture, we are taking prudent action. We try to keep the information as fresh as possible. Please feel free to share these videos.

We strive to offer simple, reliable, and informative analysis of whatever markets we see opportunity in.

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Some of analysis can be found in written form, as seen below. The articles offer insight into pairs and markets that aren’t always commonly covered, as well as the ones you might expect. Our traders do not look at just a few markets, but rather scour the globe for opportunities. After all, it matters not that most of you are mainly Forex traders, but that you are aware of the various global markets. Even if you don’t have access to some of the markets we cover, we highly recommend that you read these, as they can give you ideas that translate into Forex trades.

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