Weekly Analysis:

Looking at the upcoming week of September 15, Chris has identified for Forex markets that could be players. That being said, the focus for this week will most certainly be on the GBP/USD pair. Also featured in this video though are the EUR/USD pair, the USD/CAD pair, and the USD/JPY pair. Ultimately, the British pound will be the focus, but there should be plenty of action in the US dollar overall.

Daily Analysis:

Chris looks at the only game in town today - the GBP/USD pair. This market will be the focus as the Scottish vote on the future of their country. With this, we look at this pair...

Daily Analysis:

Chris looks at the upcoming September 18th trading session in the S&P 500. The markets continue to offer short-term opportunities, so this is what we choose to work with.

Daily Analysis:

Chris looks at the EUR/USD pair for the September 18th session. The Forex markets look to be volatile during the session, so we are playing it safe in several markets.

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