Who is “The Trader Guy?”

I am Christopher Lewis, also know as “The Trader Guy”, a professional analyst and trader. I am featured at such places as FX Empire, Daily Forex, Investing.com, and many others. I have been in the markets since 2006, and have traded both my own money, and for others. In this simple blog, I look to help others with my analysis on the various markets that I follow. I hope you enjoy your stay, and that you return often.

Please keep in mind that these analysis pieces are my opinion, but not necessarily trading advice. Also, make sure to never trade or risk more than you can afford to.

  • Approaching the Yen cautiously

    Approaching the Yen cautiously

    Most traders make the mistake of thinking that central banks are omnipotent. The reality is that they are not, and quite frankly are almost always on the wrong side of the issue. For example, the Federal Reserve has spent all of last year telling us that inflation was “transitory”, and we obviously know better now. […]

  • Euro setting up for a short

    Euro setting up for a short

    When I look at the EUR/USD pair, I see a lot of opportunity in the near term. The pair has rallied a bit over the last few days, mainly in the new found “risk on” attitude, now that the Bank of England is doing SOMETHING. The central bank has been dragging its feet until a […]

  • So, I was a little “on tilt.”

    So, I was a little “on tilt.”

    Today was a rough day for me. It was the kind of day that a lot of “gurus’ claim to never have, but in reality, do. This is because it doesn’t sell the dream that everyone has. I mean, when you are looking at the idea of trading, and buying something from someone, you want […]